USA Detail Clay & custom private label programs.​

Stemming from our top quality "synthetic spray wax & clay lube"....we have expanded our products to include various types of spray products for a variety of finish enhancements.  We have a many stock formulations, and can customize any of these to suit your custom requirements.  These hand blended formulations are truly unique products that offer premium quality and performance at a cost effective price.



"Synthetic spray wax & clay lubricant"

A synthetic quick detailer, formulated with no harsh solvents or alcohols so it will "stay wet" on the finish longer for more working time, even in direct sunlight!  Fortified with natural and synthetic polymers, it provides a quick glossy shine to any exterior and interior finish, leaving that "just waxed" look that is wet looking and highly reflective!  

Works excellent as a "clay lubricant" to provide proper lubricity when working with USA CLAY(TM) so that enough surface tension is provided and to extend the life and performance of USA CLAY(TM).

SUPER CONCENTRATE:  We have formulated a "super concentrated version" so that it can be mixed up to 1:15 with water!  This means that 8oz of our super concentrate can make up to 1 gallon of ready to use synthetic detail spray!

Extremely slick....extremely cost effective! 

*Available in bottles, gallons, drums & totes!


"A true carnauba mist (TM)"

This is one of our "hot wax" blend that is fortified with as much carnauba wax that will fit through a trigger sprayer!  No powers, abrasives or fillers so don't worry about getting it on the trim or moldings!

It's a spray on, rub in, wipe off type of product.  TRUE WAX is not a quick shine or quick detail spray; but it' definitely worth the extra elbow grease to bring out the true colors, hues and depth of the paint finish all while adding carnauba protection!

*Body Shop Safe = NO SILICONE.  

So thick when you spray it on, it's like giving the finish a "carnauba mist" (TM).  TRUE WAX is a very rich, thick & creamy spray on carnauba that gives the depth, hues and color intensity of a creme or paste wax.  More layers, simply increase the depth and carbauba protection!

Excellent depth, shine and extremely cost effective! 

* Available in bottles, gallons, drums & totes!